Hey, I'm

Isaac Harris-Holt

Software Engineer

About me

Hey! I'm Isaac, a software engineer. I started programming when I was about 13 years old, fell in love and haven't stopped since. I spent a lot of time automating everything I could think of automating, from finances to sports arbitrage, and ended up where I am today.

My passions lie in technology, personal finance and the environment, and I love tinkering and building things! I'd love to start a conversation with you, so please get in touch!

In the meantime, scroll on to learn about my work and projects.

- Isaac

Work experience

  • Architected and developed the Kubernetes deployment of an events-based microservice backend.
  • Engineered orchestrated data pipelines with Dagster.
  • Reduced external report generation time from 11 hours to 30 seconds by migrating from Python to SQL with dbt and BigQuery.
  • Improved database microservice efficiency by up to 80% by optimising SQLAlchemy queries.

Personal projects


This website, right here! Uses a microservice architecture with a SvelteKit frontend and three backend services. Read the technical overview on GitHub.

  • Created backend HTTP microservices written in Go and Python.
  • Learned SvelteKit and JavaScript to develop a reactive frontend application.
  • Implemented reCAPTCHA to prevent spam.
  • Deployed using App Engine and Pub/Sub.

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